Beauty From Ashes (Our God of Providence Part 2)


Well, it’s been almost a year since my last post, and life has been FULL for the Martin family!  After the house burnt last August, we began to pray and ask the Lord what else He wanted for this house.  We knew that God wanted it to be a blessing for our ministry in FMC and a place that people felt welcomed home.  Our spiritual directors shared the sense that “the Master has need of it” and that we should “make it beautiful”, as beauty draws the heart to God.  So we prayed with these things and asked the Master how He wants to use the house.  The plans for the house kept expanding; a guest room with full bath and sitting area, a spiritual direction room, an art room for missionaries to come and have space to create, a play room off the living room for littles to have space to play during discipleship gatherings.  A home for our family to grow with space to live life together in community.

It was exciting and a bit daunting.  While God had already provided abundantly for this house through the generosity of a few donors and the unexpected settlement for the house that burnt, the total that we had received was about half of what we were being told we would need for a house this size to be completed.  It seemed imprudent at times to press on with this venture.  Yet time after time, when we went to prayer, God showed us that He was in this, that He would provide, and that He wanted to BLESS through this house.  So we moved forward, trusting that our Good Good Father would take care of all of our needs.

The house building began on February 26, Ash Wednesday, making it exactly 3 years since God began speaking to us about a house! The Lord’s providence has continued to blow us away.  Our builder was amazing. He generously took our hand drawn house plans, and built what we asked, ultimately not making any money off of our project.  The house seemed to fly up, and by Easter we had a house that was “blacked in” with windows, doors and roof on.  Then the builder passed it on to us.

In God’s providence we had someone volunteer to paint the siding.  My parents came for 3 weeks to help, and we were able to get all of the siding on the house.  Then two families came from Georgia for a week to put in the plumbing.  A friend donated showers, tubs, and some plumbing materials.  Someone gave us a skill saw and a table saw to help with the work.  Someone donated a bunch of bookshelves and cabinets.  Someone else gave us a kitchen sink.  Because of another generous donation, we were able to hire someone to put in the electrical and HVAC.  God continues to provide for this big house that He has asked us to build and we are in awe.

We were recently introduced to a song that says, “I’ll give thanks to God when I don’t have enough, cause He’s more than enough, and He knows what I need. So why do I worry?  God’s not worried! ” His Providence is so abundant, sometimes it causes us to laugh! Why do we worry?  If God has asked us to do something, then He will provide what we need to accomplish it!  Please pray for us to continue to walk in faith as we work on building the Master’s house!  He who called us to it will bring it to completion!


~ by martinsonmission on August 6, 2020.

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