New Year, New Ministries

We made it back to General Cepeda for the beginning of February, in time to welcome home our mission team (the Schumanns and Hendersons) from language school.  The Henderson family had been planning on moving into their rent house in town as soon as they got back, but as things in mission rarely ever go as planned, the house was not ready, so they moved into the mission house while they waited for it to be finished.  So we were three families living in the mission house for 2 months, which had it’s challenges, but overall was extremely blessed.

With new missionaries came new ideas, talents and new life for the ministries.  As a community we decided to start a Wednesday night prayer meeting in the mission house.  For the past two years we have talked about starting something that would reach out to people who are not going to church.  God’s timing is perfect, and this year He is making it happen!  We all started inviting people that we had encountered through our daily activities or that had come to the door of the mission house.

salaThe first couple weeks we filled the living room of the mission house with people.  And by the 5th week we had to move it outside into the patio of the house with speakers and a microphone!

Throughout Lent we walked through the Kerygma (God’s Love, Sin, Jesus is the Answer, Repentance and Belief) and are now moving into how to live out the Christian life with practicals.  At least 75% of the people who have been coming are not regular church goers, but the Holy Spirit has been moving in power, and people have been returning to the Sacraments.  Several people had the opportunity to go to Confession for the first time in years during the Repentance and Belief talk, thanks to Father D, who came down with a mission group for the week.  And several of the people have gone to Mass with us. Jesus is calling His beloved children back to Himself in this Year of Mercy!


Another ministry that we started this year is a Mom’s Group, to give us an opportunity to get to know some of the women who come by often and really start building friendships with them.  We started inviting all the young moms that we know to come hang out Friday mornings for an hour.  We decided to do some ice breaker/get to know you activities first, then share a little teaching or testimony that went along with an activity.  One week we talked about the creativity of our Creator, the dignity of women and how women bring something uniquely beautiful to their families.  We did water colors and visited while everyone painted.  Another week we shared about bringing all of our joys and struggles to the Lord and the blessing of journaling during personal prayer.  We then let each woman choose a fabric that they liked to put on a new journal for themselves.  The kids made their own little journals to draw pictures to Jesus.  It was so much fun!  It has been so cool to see these moms who are normally so busy with household tasks get a chance to sit down and do something creative.  They began to really open up and laugh and share life with us.  God has been moving and doing something new!


~ by martinsonmission on April 19, 2016.

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