Christmas with Family

We spent Christmas in Idaho this year with Erik’s parents and then flew to Ohio to spend the week after with my family.  The kids had a blast with their grandparents and aunts and uncles and cousins.  Here are a few highlights from the holidays…

great grandpa

 Visiting Great Grandpa Martin

We got LOTS of snow in Idaho!  Theresa found a new love for sledding or “ice scoating” as she calls it!  …not real sure where that came from!  And Lena wasn’t so much into the ice scoating, so she just plopped herself down on the hill and ate”ice”.  She was sure not to eat any yellow ice, though!  Grandpa Gary stayed busy snow blowing, but also sneaked in a little ice scoating, too!


Theresa and Magdalena put straw in their little popsicle stick mangers during Advent whenever they did anything kind.  It was nice and soft for baby Jesus by Christmas morning.  They were so excited to put their baby Jesus in their own little mangers!

stocking Lena trying to use her stocking as a shoe…


Merry Christmas!


Cousin Time in Ohio


Joseph and his cousins – Jerome, Joseph, Frankie and Aden were all born within 2 months of each other!


The Kohring Family – All 40 of us!


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  1. Great family pictures! Thank you for sharing! Prayers are with you!

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