Francisca’s Baby – Meeting Jesús

Well, I apologize for the delay in writing. We have been a little crazy the past couple months! For those of you following the Smell Like the Sheep Project and Francisca’s story, you’re probably wondering what ever happened with baby Jesús, right? Well, I have been waiting to write till I had plenty of time to sit down and share all the details, but that just isn’t happening so I figured it’s better for y’all to just see the beautiful baby and get the highlights than to hear nothing!

So here it is…They released Jesús from the hospital a couple weeks after the last blog. Francisca called to let us know and ask us to bring clothes, diapers and formula.  We excitedly headed to Saltillo to see them and hold that sweet, tiny baby!

natalia&JesusFrancisca was nervous to take care of him because he was so small.  I’m not sure how much he weighed when they released him from the hospital, but he couldn’t have been much over the 4 lbs he weighed when he was born.  He looked like he should still be in the womb!  But, praise God, he was healthy enough to be released from the hospital!  me&jesusWhen they got back to General Cepeda, the 2 younger girls started school.  Brenda, the oldest had stayed with an aunt while the rest of the family had been in Saltillo with the baby so that she could start school on time and not get further behind.  The director of the school had said that the younger girls could miss the first couple weeks and start late.

So, while it may seem like a small or ordinary thing that Francisca’s 3 girls are all in school, it is actually a miracle.  Both Brenda and Yajaira had gone to school for a month or two in the past, but had never gone regularly.  Brenda is 10 and just now learning the alphabet and how to write her name.  The school was shocked that no one had come to them before to tell them about their family not going to school.  The directors of the schools were very kind but also expressed to Francisca the urgent need for the girls to go to school and remain in school.  They asked Francisca to make a commitment to sending them, even if the girls said they didn’t want to.  They are willing to work with Brenda to help her catch up on her schooling and hopefully move forward to catch up to the grade that she should be in.

Through the generous donations of our mission partners, we have been able to buy the girls uniforms, school supplies, and daily lunch.  We have also told Francisca that we can help with formula and diapers, so that she and Chemo can focus on making money for food for the rest of their family.

We are now in the states helping with Intake but the Schumanns are still in Mexico holding down the fort and helping Francisca and Chemo.  The last update we had, Chemo was out looking for work.  Please pray that he can find good and consistent work to provide for his family.  Pray for Francisca to grow in confidence in caring for their tiny little Jesús. And pray for the girls to grow to love learning and continue to be excited about going to school.

jesus(My mom came to visit and got to hold sweet Jesús)


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