Smell Like the Sheep – Day 1

Well, it’s after 10pm and I’m just getting to my room to pray and go to bed, but I wanted to share a little of what today held for us.  I’m pretty sure I do smell like the sheep, but I’m too tired to shower!

8:15am I showed up at our friends’ house to find that the maestros (construction workers) had not showed up yet.  I took one of the little girls with me to the mission house to feed her breakfast and bring her to school so our friend could continue packing up things in the house and wait for the maestros’ arrival.

9am Drop little girl off at school and Sheila and John-Paul leave for Saltillo to buy new outfits for each member of the family.

9:45am Erik goes to check out the situation at our friends’ house and finds no maestros and no work materials were delivered. He packed up all of the bags of clothes to bring to the mission house to wash and brought the family over to stay for the next few days.f&C house

10:30am The hardware store tells Erik they were just about to deliver the materials to the house. Bridget is at the house making eggs and tortillas for the family.

11am Erik goes to the house of our maestro and finds him hung over and sleeping.

12pm Friend goes to pick up daughter from school. Sheila and John-Paul arrive from Saltillo with new clothes for the family.

1pm We begin the bathing and de-licing process for each member of the family, starting with the youngest.

2pm-8pm Our friends patiently bathes and combs through the hair of each of her daughters picking out all the lice and eggs.

4:30pm Bridget start washing the clothes that they brought from their house.

5:30pm Bridget heat up dinner – Beans and cheese on fresh baked bread from the local bakery.

6pm Martina arrives asking for a cup of coffee as we are just sitting down to eat together.  We invite her to stay for dinner, too.

7pm Erik leaves to go find another maestro for tomorrow…he doesn’t find one but some other friends have agreed to come help us.

8pm John-Paul gives the baby a haircut.  The father shows up unexpectedly at the door and Erik talks with him. We ask our friend if she wants to talk to him, but by the time she gets to the door, he is already gone.

8:30pm Erik gives the baby his second bath for the day to get all the cut hair off, this time in the kitchen sink.

9pm The guys put tarp down on the mattresses under the sheets to protect from any surviving lice and say prayers with the kids.  All the sheep are finally clean!

Of course these are just some highlights from the day, but as you can see, it was quite eventful and definitely felt like the evil one was not happy with our plan.  Praise the Lord!

It was filled with a lot of time watching the kids while our friend diligently combed through the girls hair, which also meant a lot of correcting because the kids are not used to any rules and being told what to do.  We worked on things like washing hands before eating meals and after using the bathroom…even putting toilet paper in the trash can instead of just dropping it on the floor (in Mexico there’s no flushing toilet paper), and being respectful to their mother.  Our friend was a total trooper and even though I know it is hard on her to have us correcting her kids all the time, she knows it is needed and really desires this change for their lives.  Today was exhausting, but I couldn’t help thinking all day that this has to be one of my favorite things I’ve ever done as a missionary.



~ by martinsonmission on February 26, 2015.

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