We’re Back!


We are back in General Cepeda, Mexico after a break to visit our FMC missionary family in Louisiana and our own families in Ohio and Idaho for Christmas.  On January 1st we met up with the Life Teen group in Houston and drove back down with them to start the new year off back home in Mexico.  We were blessed to get to be on mission with some old friends and make some new ones as well.  The group was made up primarily of college students from all over, and they were awesome.  Half of the group spoke Spanish fluently and they all dove into the ministries without hesitation.  It was truly a joy to have them here with us and Theresa was in heaven getting so much attention and love from all of her new “cousins” as she called them.


The Life Teen group left on Friday the 9th and the next group arrived on Sunday the 11th along with the rest of our team, the Papuzynski family and the Schumann family.  The second group was also made up of college students from 3 schools all from Long Island, NY.  It was beautiful to see how God was moving in their hearts throughout the week, and we were so blessed by their total willingness to do anything.  We also had the gift of a priest with the group who was so dedicated and willing to pour himself out to get the Sacraments to the ranchos.  He would go out to two ranchos in the morning and one at night to celebrate Masses and hear confessions.  We were so grateful for his witness and servant’s heart.


I was especially blessed by some new home visits that I was able to do while the groups were here.  One woman flagged me down in the street asking us to come to her neighbor’s house to pray for an old woman who is sick in bed.  She explained to me that this woman, who is now deaf and mute, was once very active in her faith and would lead rosaries and do pilgrimages, but now is bound to her bed.  She asked us to please come back and pray with Ofilia, this sick woman, whenever we could because it strengthens not only her, but her niece and daughter-in-law who are her care givers. We were able to pray with them and bring them some blankets for Ofilia that had been donated by the group.

I also went to visit Dona Maria for the first time with the group.  Sometimes we receive far more than we can give when we visit shut-ins in their homes, and Dona Maria was definitely one of those visits for me.  A friend from Church told us about Dona Maria and asked us to visit her.  She lives by herself and has the cleanest house I have seen here in Mexico.  She has no legs and sits on the floor and cooks and cleans for herself.  Her parents are gone and her husband passed away 4 years ago. She was unable to have children.  She has a few nephews that check in on her regularly and do her grocery shopping for her.  The entire time that we were with Dona Maria she had a smile on her face and she just kept telling us how God was always with her, taking care of her.  She told us she thanks Him every minute of the day that He is always there helping her.  Dona Maria is poor and by anyone’s standards, has real suffering in her life.  But she is full of the love of Jesus and she can’t help but radiate that love.  She is joyful and doesn’t focus on the hardships in her life, only the blessings.  What a gift.  I left her house thinking “I want to spend more time with her”.  I have so much to learn from this beautiful saint.


As we begin this new year here in General Cepeda, I want to be more joyful, more grateful, more aware of my absolute need for the Lord in every moment.  Lord, help me to radiate your love to everyone I encounter, just like Dona Maria.


~ by martinsonmission on January 31, 2015.

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