Operation Boda – Jalpa Edition

On Saturday we celebrate another feast day in one of the Ranchos.  This time it was Jalpa’s turn to receive an overabundance of grace.  Padre Paulo, Padre Antonio and Padre Fernando (a priest from Saltillo who used to be assigned to General Cepeda) con-celebrated the Mass.  There were 3 Baptisms, 15 First Communions, 7 Confirmations and 7 Marriages!


A couple of weeks ago, 5 of the brides came to the mission house to try on dresses.  By God’s grace they were all able to find a dress that fit them and that they were happy with.  The following week another bride showed up to try on dresses and none of the dresses fit!  We decided to try to do a little alteration job on one of the dresses that was close, and with the help of our missionary friend, Rita, the dress ended up working perfectly!

At the last minute we found out that there was an older couple that wanted to get their marriage blessed in the Church, but the wife had been sick in the hospital in Monterrey and they wouldn’t be returning to the rancho until the day before the wedding.  Padre Paulo talked with them and agreed that they could be married on Saturday as well, so now the count was up to 7 couples.  (Praise God, a friend had lent her a dress to wear because we were all out of her size!)


We were blessed to do the marriage prep talks for the couples and see their excitement.  Even the men seemed really happy to finally be receiving God’s blessing for their marriages.  Some of the couples said they were most looking forward to being able to receive Communion again at Mass.  They had hated having to sit still when others were able to receive the Eucharist, but now they would fully be able to participate in the Mass.


The week leading up to the wedding was full, with the priests going out to Jalpa early every morning to celebrate Mass, bless houses and hear confessions.  Our family was busy with cleaning, ironing and steaming dresses, giving last minute Sacramental prep to the adults who would be receiving their first Communions and Confirmations, and Baptismal prep to parents and Godparents. The night before the celebration we dropped off all the wedding dresses to the brides who we found busy cleaning the old hacienda where we were going to celebrate Mass.  (The community chapel was way too small to fit everyone!)  They were all laughing and joking and so excited.  The men came and hung a huge piece of canvas for shade during the Mass and the ladies went to work decorating.

Hanging Tarp

I had the fun of picking out flowers and making bouquets for the brides, and when we made it to Jalpa on Saturday morning everything was calm and ready.  The priests went to work filling out paperwork and hearing confessions, and the brides finally showed up, glowing and ready for the big day.

The Mass was beautiful and crazy with all of the different Sacraments happening.  We were so blessed to be a part of it.  These Feast Day Celebrations with all of the Sacraments have really been the biggest blessing of our ministry here.  Thank you for helping make them possible!








Confirmation Candles











The Rings

Rose blessing

Monica Laughing


Sylvia rings

Passing the Coins






First Communions  1st communion

1st communions

The couples receiving Communion for the first time in yearsreyes communion

sylvia communion

Confirmation GroupConfirmation Group

1st commuion groupFirst Communion Group

wedding group
Married Couples

Elena AfterFrancisco Javier and Maria Elena

Delia AfterEnrique and Delia

mundo&Rosa afterEdmundo and Rosa Isela

Us& Esperanza&FerminMaria Esperanza and Fermin

3 ladies


***In the process of transporting all of the wedding dresses to Mexico, some of the names of the donors were lost in the mix.  If you see your dress on one of these ladies or recognize a friend’s dress, give us a shout out!  We’d love to personally thank you for your generosity and tell you the name of the bride that wore your dress so that you can be praying for her!  Thank you again from the bottom of our hearts!


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