Grace Like Rain – Operation Boda


June 27th was a glorious day.  The feast of the Sacred Heart of Jesus was the perfect day to celebrate the first of many weddings and Sacraments in the ranchos.  God’s Love and Grace was poured out over His beloved children of Cuchilla del Indio and Santa Ines in a very real way that day.

The sun was already blazing hot when we pulled into the rancho at 10:45, and people were beginning to gather.  The 3 brides had decided to get ready at one house so I headed there with some other missionary ladies to help with hair and makeup while Erik met with the Godparents and helped Padre Paulo with paperwork.  We were blessed to have my parents visiting that week, too, so my dad took care of our girls and my mom helped make the bouquets.

Ricarda-hair casi-makeup selene-hair

Ricarda                                                Casi                                      Selene

The morning  was a bit chaotic getting 3 brides ready and filling out paperwork for 3 weddings, 2 Baptisms, 12 First Communions, and 16 Confirmations.  Father also heard the couples’ confessions right before the wedding.  There was definitely a lot going on, so it was a relief when we finally got the brides out the door and over to the chapel for the Celebration of the Mass and Sacraments to begin.

walking to church

The chapel was completely packed and overflowing out the door.  There was so much joy and life in there.  As we moved through each Sacrament, you could almost feel the grace being poured over God’s people.  It was awesome witnessing everyone receiving their Sacraments and wondering what mysterious affect it will have in each of their lives from that day forward.  But the most beautiful part for me was not only the wedding vows of the 3 couples, but watching all of them receive the Eucharist for the first time in years.  It was beautiful and moving.

It was truly a grace filled day!  After the Mass the fiesta was a Mexican style pot luck.  We were blessed to get a chance to talk with each of the couples after the wedding and the men particularly thanked us for helping make this a reality.

We are so grateful to all of you for helping make this a reality for them!  Thank you so much to everyone who donated wedding dresses, communion dresses, and money for rings, lassos and coins!  We could not have done this without you!




applaudingApplauding the couples


candlesFirst Communions and Confirmations

1st Communions First Communion Girls

Luis&SeleneThe Wedding Vows

ConsecrationThe Eucharist

sleeping   kiddos

FOODThe Fiesta

FiestaThe Fiesta

L&S FamilyLuis and Selene and their boys –

2  of the boys received their Confirmations and 1 received his First Communion

R&A FamilyAlejandro and Ricarda and their children –

Ricarda was Confirmed and their son was Baptized

C&R FamilyRodolfo and Casi and their family –

Casi was Confirmed and their daughter received her First Communion


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One Response to “Grace Like Rain – Operation Boda”

  1. So awesome guys. Thank you so much for your continuing sacrifices and love-inspiring work in the ejidos!! I can’t stop smiling…so beautiful. God is so good!!

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