Magdalena Grace is 1 Year Old Today!

It’s hard to believe it’s already been a year since our sweet Magdalena Grace graced us with her presence.  What a total blessing she has been!  She is her own girl, and she likes to do things on her time…just like her birth.  She was 4 days late but then came so fast that she was born in her water sack and delivered by the nurses before the midwife could make it to the hospital!  Magdalena works on her own timing.  She lets you know if she’s ready for another mouthful of food and she purses her lips and turns her head if you’re moving faster than she likes.  She is going to be a singer we think.  She has some real strong lungs and likes to use them…not always in the most pleasant tones, but as the second child, she knows how to get our attention.  She loves her big sister and can take all of the rough love that Theresa gives her.  They love to wrestle and hug and they make each other laugh all the time.  Magdalena is a great little missionary and we are so thankful for the gift that she is to our family!


July 7th, 2013

1 month -small

1 Month

2 months- small

2 Months

3 months-small

3 Months

4 months2 -small

4 Months

4 months-small

5 Months

6 months-small

6 Months

7 1:2 months-small

7 Months

8 1:2 months2-small

 8 Months

9 months-small

9 Months

10 months w: resa-small

 10 Months



11 Months


1 Year



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