Operation Boda: Say YES to the Dress (cont.)

Waiting With Expectant Hope

Every Wednesday afternoon we get in our van and drive an hour away to the ends of the earth to visit with the people of Cuchillo del Indio and prepare them for the Sacraments that they will be receiving on the feast of the Sacred Heart of Jesus, June 27.  This week we had a convivio with the people which is basically just the Mexican version of a Pot Luck.  It was awesome.  We have been growing to love this group of people more and more and this week was no exception.

They seem to be shy initially, but they really enjoy joking around and laughing with, and sometimes at, us!  As we have journeyed with these beautiful people, we have witnessed a gradual transformation, a growing hope within them.  Casi is the most timid of the bunch.  Usually when we ask her a question in front of the group, she shyly smiles and hides her face behind her hands.  But as we have continued to try to build confidence with her, she is coming out of her shell.  This week when I asked her if she and Rodolfo would like to have wedding rings, she just looked down at the floor.  I told her that Padre Paulo told us that they were not necessary, but that if they would like to have rings, we would help to get them.  We would just need to get their ring sizes.  She didn’t give me a straight answer, but I could guess by her body language that she wanted them.  I tried to reassure her that we would help to make it happen.

IMG_0338Casi holding Magdalena

We went on to give our teaching to everyone, and by the time we had finished our convivio, I had forgotten all about my conversation with Casi about the rings.  We were saying our goodbyes and getting ready to leave when Casi came up to me and handed me a simple little green ring.  “This is my ring size,” she told me.  “Oh, great!” I exclaimed, so blessed by her obvious excitement even though she was trying to be calm. Then Ricarda, one of the other brides, who saw the whole thing said, “We want rings, too! But I don’t know my size.”  She tried my ring on which didn’t fit, and then we talked for a minute about how we could figure out ring sizes.  I could see their excitement growing.  We ended up going to each of their houses for the men to try on Erik’s ring to see if it might be the right size.  When it wasn’t, Ricarda found some string to tie around Alejandro’s finger to get the size.  While all of this was happening I was just standing there in awe of how God is moving in the hearts and lives of these couples.  God is making a way where they never thought there would be.  He is giving them a new hope for the future.  He is breathing life into these families.  And we are blessed to be the ones that get to witness it.

IMG_0265Ricarda holding Magdalena

In the coming weeks we will be meeting with each of the couples individually to help prepare them for the Sacrament of Marriage. I told Erik as we were driving home on Wednesday that I feel so ill-equipped to be doing this with the language barrier, the short amount of time that we have, the cultural differences and really, such a short time that Erik and I have been married ourselves.  The reality is that all of these couples have been together longer than we have even known each other.  It feels a little intimidating when I think about it that way, but God keeps reminding me that this is His work.  He can make a way in the desert. He can breathe new life into dry bones.  He can restore hope where it has been lost.  It is He, OUR JESUS, who makes ALL THINGS NEW. 



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