One of the things that we have been asked to do here in Mexico is get to know the people and find out who is in need of receiving Sacraments.  As we have asked around, we have found there are many couples who have not been married in the Church. When we ask if they would like to be, almost all of them say yes.  So we ask them why they haven’t been married yet, and the answer is almost always, “we don’t have the money.”  What that really means is, “we can’t afford a party, a wedding dress, the rings”, etc.

20110430 - 5875boda

Pope Francis has been quite clear that we are to make the Sacraments accessible to the people.  Our parish priest, Padre Paulo, is very much on board with this and is encouraging the people in the ranchos to celebrate all of their Sacraments together on the feast of their chapel. This way they can all join together in celebrating with one big party.  It makes it more possible financially and he is able to administer all of the Sacraments in one day; Baptisms, Confessions, First Communions, Confirmations and Weddings.


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Because many of these people have very little resources and are living pay check to pay check, we want to bless them by collecting wedding dresses and money to buy rings, lassos and coins (a Mexican wedding tradition).  This is where you come in!  Would you consider donating your wedding dress so that a Mexican woman can have the experience of a beautiful wedding day to begin her new life in the grace of the Sacrament?  And/or would you consider donating money to help buy used wedding dresses from thrift stores and to help pay for simple rings, etc.  Our first celebration will be on June 27th, the feast of the Sacred Heart of Jesus.  We already have at least 2 couples that want to get married that day and possibly a couple more.  One of the girls started crying when we told them our plan to collect wedding dresses for them.  If we get enough dresses and funds, we hope to continue to offer this opportunity to all of the ranchos and anyone here in town that is waiting to get married till they have enough money.

20110430 - 5132


Send us ANY WHITE FANCY DRESSES you have. We need all shapes and sizes!  We want the ladies to have a selection of dresses in their size to choose from. We will be coordinating a dress drop off in Mexico sometime in late May or early June so please send them asap!

Please mail dresses and/or donations to:

Big Woods Mission – Operation Boda

12624 Everglade Rd

Abbeville, LA 70510


If you have any questions please email us at erikandbridget@gmail.com or call our FMC office in Louisiana at 337-893-6111.




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  1. I donated my 37-year-old wedding dress (size 5 petite). It is being shipped with 12 other dresses collected after our Faith Formation director sent out a request for donations. I hope the bride who chooses my gown will be very happy with it and as blessed in her marriage as I have been in mine!

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