Today was a rough day.  It started out great.  We had a good morning prayer with the group, we got a lot of work done on our work project. We are helping this young family move into their house by putting a concrete floor down for them and fixing their roof so it doesn’t leak.  We are also trying to help them to try and get married in the Church.  The group of young men and women here from Kansas are amazing. I’ve really enjoyed getting to know them.  We are blessed to have them here.  We played with a bunch of kids that live by the work project, which is always awesome.  Father came over joined and us for lunch.  We had a new person join us in praying the rosary today and of course Dona Agripina was back.  Like I said, it started out great.

The rough part was going out to the ranchos tonight.  I was so discouraged.  We went to two ranchos, not a single man came to either, despite us talking to several.  At one rancho, there were a group of men just sitting around playing cards and another playing dominoes.  I was so frustrated and saddened. It’s really hard to present someone the greatest gift ever and they could care less.  All their wives were in the chapel, but they all stayed outside. The only thing that will change these men’s hearts is prayer.

Tomorrow is our last day of the Jericho Project.  I’m looking forward this year to seeing all the fruit of our prayer and fasting.  I wish I could see it all today. Please pray for the men in these two ranchos and their wives.  I have to remember that the Lord is victorious!


~ by martinsonmission on March 18, 2014.

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