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Kind of a crazy day today.  This morning woke up, had my personal prayer time, we all to went to mass and then I drove two and a half hours each way to Monterrey to pick up our second short term mission group of the year.  They are a small group of two guys and three girls from Kansas.  I’m really excited about them being here, especially during our Jericho Project.

Probably the highlight of my day though was mass and what followed directly after.   During Father’s homily today he talked a lot about family, especially husbands and wives.  That we are witness of light and love in the world today.  A foreshadowing of the heavenly union.  We need to be that witness on earth.  Hold each others hand, walk arm and arm.  Show the world that you love one another.  If marriage is a foreshadowing of heaven, this nuptial union of God and man, then what kind of witness is our marriage for the world?

It made me think, what kind of witness is my marriage?  Do people see how much we love one another, and is our marriage a good foreshadowing of the love relationship, the heavenly relationship between God and man.  I want people to see our relationship and say wow, there are two people that really love each other!

After mass they had a celebration of the family.  People out riding bikes with their kids, fathers playing jenga with their sons.  Families gathered around the table eating.  People dancing, playing volleyball.  It was awesome.  They had all these picnic tables set up all over the plaza. It was a beautiful thing to see.  I wish I could have stayed longer, as it was, we were pushing it to get to the airport when the group arrived.

For me though it was another sign of what God desires for this place, the grace of peoples prayers and fasting being poured out.  If you reach the man, you can reach the family.  I beg of you these last couple of days to intensify your prayers, intensify your sacrifices.  As St Therese, patroness of missions, says, do not let the slightest sacrifice escape you.  Please do not allow your sufferings that you encounter in the day to day be wasted, offer them for the people here.  Pope John Paul II would say when the sick and suffering offer their sacrifices for the missions, they themselves become missionaries!  Thank you all for uniting with us in all your big and little ways of sacrifice and prayer.  ALL FOR LOVE!


~ by martinsonmission on March 17, 2014.

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