We had another blessed day today in General.  During community prayer this morning we reflected on Ezekiel 47. I really enjoy this passage, especially verses 7-12. The Lord just keeps taking me into deeper water, where He is asking more of me.  This morning in my personal prayer I was reading through the beginning of Acts.  I was meditating on the boldness of the apostles and their frankness.  Every day I walk by plenty of men, especially young men and usually don’t say much more than a formal greeting.  The Lord is calling me deeper, he’s calling me to be more bold.  I was going to make sure today would be different.

I’m praying that our community  can be a community that turns stagnant water into fresh water and that an abundance of life and fruit would abide.  After morning prayer I went and ran some errands, filled up a gas tank, paid some bills in town, and picked up some water for the house.

As I was walking around town I ran into several young men.  One group in particular I stopped and talked to for awhile.  Ulyses, Pablo and Paulo were young guys, probably around 17.  They were sitting behind a building and I think I was interrupting their “smoke” break.  I talked with them for awhile and asked what they wanted in life.  I got the usual answers, money, work, nice things.  I briefly shared with them my testimony and that there was no greater life than a life with Christ.  I asked them to think about these things and I continued on.

I then ran into a couple other young men, Essau and Hector.  They both were sitting outside a store and they looked like their dog just died.  I asked them why they were so sad.  They said they were just chilling.  I shared with them the joy that comes with a life of Christ.  These kids all probably think I’m crazy.  I think too many times I hide my light under a bushel.  It’s time to let it shine all the time, not just when I’m preaching or doing “mission work” or feeling like it.

When we went to go pray our rosary today, there were three ladies waiting outside our door to join us, Santos, Mariela (Cuka) and Maria.  Dona Agripina joined us today for our rosary again.  I found out today that she is 85 and thriving.  Praying that tomorrow more people will join us.

After finishing the Rosary we went and visited a couple of ranchos tonight, Santa Ines and Cuchillo de Indio. Paco came with us.  They weren’t “normal” rancho visits but just really a time to get to know the people a little and for them to get to know us.  We are trying to get around to spending time in each of their houses and really getting to know the people there.  In the first rancho most of the people came to the chapel as soon as they saw the van pull in.  We shared with them our vision for this year and prayed with them for a little bit.

The next rancho I spent a majority of my time just sitting and talking with a little old man.  He was waiting for a game of dominoes with some of his friends.  I asked him how to reach the men in this rancho and why only the women would come during our times of prayer.  He really didn’t have much to say, and what he did have to say, i struggled to understand.  He affirmed for me again though the mentality that religion is for women.  There just seems to be a complete lack of interest among the men.  I keep asking myself what can we do to reach more men, but I’m being more convicted that this is only something that the Lord can do.

I have to keep reminding myself, they marched around the walls for 7 days before they came tumbling down. This is going to take time.  Excited for what tomorrow brings!  EXPECT MIRACLES!




~ by martinsonmission on March 14, 2014.

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