Language School, Ernesto and the Girls

We decided to go to language school early on in our mission to give us a jump start with the language before we start receiving short term mission groups in General Cepeda.  We are dedicating the whole month of February to learning Spanish, and we are now half way through language school in Guadalajara, Mexico. The language school set up housing for us with a man named Ernesto.  He stays on the 3rd floor of the house, and the Quinn family and our family are able to use the bottom two floors for ourselves.

IMG_5456The Living Room

IMG_5457The Dining Room

Ernesto is in his 50’s.  He is a tailor and has a deep love for history, culture and the arts.  He loves to talk and practice his English with us and is like a proud grandpa with the little girls.  He even bought us a grill to use on his patio while we are here.  The other day he sadly shared with us that he is recently divorced; after 37 years of marriage, his wife left him.  It was finalized just 5 months ago.  God’s plans and timing are amazing to bring us here at this time.

IMG_5451The spiral stairs up to the third floor

IMG_5454The patio on the third floor that Ernesto lets us use

It’s been a busy two weeks and everyone seems to be picking up quite a bit of Spanish, including the little ones.  The other day when Ernesto was walking down the stairs, Theresa looked up from her blocks and said, “hola!” (which sounded more like “ohwa!”) Ernesto responded, “Hola, Theresita!  Como estas?” and she said, “bien” without any prompting!  We have also overheard her saying, “poco a poco” (little by little) under her breath and singing little songs that we imagine she must be learning at her little Montessori school.  It’s super fun to see her learning and speaking Spanish, and it’s just the beginning!

IMG_5365Theresa with her teacher, Nancy, on the first day of school

Every morning I stay home with Magdalena and Lucy while Erik, Dave and Andrea go to language school. Theresa and Eliza’s Montessori school is at the same time, so they are able to drop them off and pick them up when school is over.  My mornings have been spent feeding the littles, sweeping and mopping the floor (the house has white tile…never a good idea), grocery shopping, cooking lunch and maybe squeezing in some Spanish practice if nap time goes well!  I’m reading the book “Abandonment to Divine Providence” slowly, and have really been trying to accept each activity or duty as the Lord’s Divine Will for me in the moment.  Sometimes it feels mundane or insignificant, but I trust that if it is what He has given me to do at the moment, it must be for my own good and for His glory!

Lena trying to crawlIMG_5450Magdalena has been trying really hard to crawl and has been doing a lot of backwards scooting lately!

IMG_5385She and Lucy are a riot in the stroller together.  We have lots of adoring fans as we walk to and from the grocery store.  Everyone thinks they are twins, even though they are a year apart.

It has been a blessing to have this time to just dedicate to learning the language.  We are enjoying the beautiful weather (that stays in the 70’s and 80’s) and getting to see more of the Mexican culture and history while here. Please pray that we are able to absorb as much Spanish as possible and be holy witnesses to the people we encounter each day!


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One Response to “Language School, Ernesto and the Girls”

  1. Even the most insignificant activity can bring huge results. Remember the mustard seed? Great hearing about your family mission! God bless and be with you!

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