Tengo Dos Años


I can’t believe it!  Another year has flown by, and our baby girl is 2 years old today!  Theresa Marie is a bundle of joy.  This has been a big year for our family and Theresa has adjusted to 4 new houses, a new baby sister, a new community, having playmates her age, a new country and a new language very well.  I often hear her singing quietly “Gracias Senor…Gracias Senor…” from the song Demos Gracias al Senor (We Give Thanks to the Lord) and as soon as she hears Alabare, she throws her praise hands in the air and starts swinging them!


Our happy girl is learning how to be a big helper.  She helps mommy hang clothes on the line by handing me the clothespins.  She is very concerned about her little sister, especially if she hears her crying, and she asks to hold Magdalena pretty much every day repeating her name…well, almost her name, “Leena, Leena, Leena…hold her!!” about 25 times until we let her hold her.

First Day of School

Her motherly instincts are definitely coming out.  We see her wrap up her baby doll in her blankie throughout the day, and she sometimes even bounces the baby to help it go to sleep.  We are currently in Guadalajara, Mexico for a month of language school and she has been going to a little Montessori school in the mornings for the past 3 days.  When I picked her up from school today I asked her teacher how she was doing, if she was behaving herself and how she was getting along with the other kids.  Her teacher said she was doing well, that she would cry every once in a while but not for long and that she especially liked to help the littlest kids at the school.  She said she sees her wiping their faces and hands!

We are so blessed by our big little girl! Happy Birthday Theresa Marie!

Here are some fun highlights from the last year!

IMG_5262 IMG_5195 IMG_5070 IMG_5059 IMG_5033 IMG_5030 IMG_4950 IMG_4936 IMG_4806 IMG_4790 IMG_4709 IMG_4632 IMG_4605 IMG_4533 IMG_4518 IMG_4475 IMG_4473 IMG_4462 IMG_4459 IMG_4411 IMG_4397 IMG_4350 IMG_4252 IMG_4246 IMG_4219 IMG_4099 IMG_4064 IMG_3978 IMG_3903


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One Response to “Tengo Dos Años”

  1. Adorable girls, great photographer! Happy Birthday, Theresa!

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