Making the Casa Our Home

Our first month in General Cepeda was a time to get settled in and make the Casa de Misiones our home.  We began our mission year with the Life Teen group on January first and were so blessed to have so many friends with us to launch us into our new life in Mexico.  After the group left on the 9th, we started cleaning, unpacking and organizing along with beginning some ministries.  The past month has been busy, hectic at times, challenging, comical and so blessed.IMG_5150

Here are some of the highlights from our first month in Mexico:

  • The door ministry at the Casa is almost always hoppin’ with an average of about 5-8 people a day (and sometimes 15 people all at once) coming for help with medicine, food, prayer and various other needs. IMG_5256
  • We deep cleaned most of the mission house, reorganized the bodega (storage shed), the office (which also houses a small stock of medicines and first aid supplies), built shelves for the families’ bedrooms, hung new shower curtains and shelves in the bathrooms, etc.IMG_5237
  • We were able to visit a few families’ homes to see their real needs, read Scripture, pray with them and bring them some basic necessities like food and blankets. IMG_5324
  • We spent about 2 weeks with the Kiehl family (the missionary family that lived in General Cepeda for the past year) learning our way around town, marking all of the home visits on a map, visiting a few of the farthest ranchos/ejidos that we will be assigned to this year, and learning from their experiences this past year.
  • We met with all 3 of the Mexican missionary families that we will be serving with this year and started building those relationships through community dinners and prayer time together twice a month. IMG_5254
  • We met with the parish priests, Padre Paolo and Padre Antonio, who gave us the names of the 5 ranchos/ejidos that we will be serving this year and shared with us the pastoral plan for evangelizing.
  • Erik and Dave were busy with work projects, transporting and building relationships with the men that were helping with the projects. They were able to complete Don Pedro’s roof, helped build a couple houses for the daughters of one of the maestros, and fixed a wall that was falling for Dona Agripina. IMG_5339
  • We attended a week long training for all of the lay ministers in the parish.
  • We distributed blankets, clothes and dispensas (bag of basic food ingredients). IMG_5208
  • We tried to establish a rhythm of life in the midst of all of the transition and craziness.

Unfortunately on Friday we found out that one of our team members had decided she needed to go home.  Saturday morning our family and the Quinns got on a bus to Guadalajara for language school for the month of February, and the other two girls left for their language school in Guanajuato.  It has been a full month and there have been many days when I hit the pillow exhausted. As I wrote in an earlier blog this month, the Lord is stretching us, and I can only imagine that He is going to continue to stretch us more and more.


~ by martinsonmission on February 5, 2014.

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