Don Pedro


It was around 3am on January 1st when 89 year old, Don Pedro woke up from an intense heat that felt like he was cooking.  As he sat up in his bed he realized the roof in his bedroom was on fire and the entire house was filled with thick black smoke.  Having already inhaled a great deal of the smoke, he stumbled through the house, out the kitchen door and through the back yard before he realized that he was barefoot and freezing cold.  He wandered through the neighborhood yelling for help from anyone that might hear.


We arrived in Mexico on the 2nd and didn’t even hear about Don Pedro’s house until the 4th or 5th when some friends of ours came over saying that there was a man in need of help.  We were shocked to find out who it was, since Don Pedro has been a long time friend of FMC, dropping by the house to visit and joining us when we go out to the ranchos.


When we finally made it to his house to check out his situation, he was still in a little bit of shock and just kept recounting the story to us.  We couldn’t believe the state of his house and that he was still sleeping in the house with an open door to the destroyed room, open to the outside.  It had been especially cold that week with temperatures dropping below freezing.


After much convincing and a couple of emotional breakdowns from Don Pedro, we were able to help him by putting up a temporary door covering in his bedroom and bringing him some extra blankets to keep him alive and warm at night.  A few days later Dave and Erik were able to go help him remove all the dirt from the ceiling falling in, and thanks to the Life Teen group leaving money for the repairs, next week they will be helping to reconstruct the roof.



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