Inconvenienced for the Gospel

Mission life is not convenient.  Carrying the Good News of Jesus is not convenient.  Reaching the ends of the earth with the Gospel is certainly not convenient.


While reading about the life of Saint Paul during one of our Acts of the Apostles Bible studies recently, Mr. Frank commented that bringing the Gospel is not convenient.  It certainly was true for the apostles and the early Church, and even with all of the modern conveniences that we have today, it doesn’t mean that we won’t have to sacrifice and be inconvenienced to bring the Gospel to the nations.

The past two weeks in Mexico, I have spent a lot of time on long rides in packed vehicles on bumpy roads, stocking and restocking the diaper bag and packing snacks, enduring long sleepless nights with sick children, waiting for a sunny day so that my laundry will dry on the line, waiting an hour or more for people to show up to a prayer meeting at a chapel in the ranchos, and so on.  At times I have found myself getting frustrated by the inconveniences, and then I ask myself, am I willing to be inconvenienced for the Gospel of Jesus?  Do I believe enough in a God who changes lives and offers the hope of eternal life with Him, that I am willing to endure some minor inconveniences to bring this hope and new life to my brothers and sisters who are desperately waiting for it?  This life, the life of a missionary, is not practical, especially not with small children; it’s radical, and it requires us being inconvenienced so that others may experience the saving love of Jesus Christ.  And I don’t see Jesus apologizing for the inconveniences anywhere in Scripture.  In fact, He says, “If anyone wishes to come after me, he must deny himself and take up his cross daily and follow me” Lk 9:23.

How often I am in such a hurry to accomplish my own agenda that I don’t have time to be inconvenienced by the Gospel?  How many times have I avoided eye contact with people at the store because I don’t have time for the cashier that is having a rough day?  Or how often do I talk myself out of doing something for the Lord because it “doesn’t make sense” or there’s “no time” in my schedule?  Am I willing to be inconvenienced for the Gospel?

How is God calling you to be inconvenienced for the Good News to be heard to the farthest end of the earth?


~ by martinsonmission on November 23, 2013.

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