A Little Taste of Intake 2013

Intake 2013 began September 16, with the biggest group of missionaries that FMC has ever had: 4 families and 18  singles.  Our schedule is full with morning prayer in community, a morning talk on practicals of mission life or a teaching workshop to practice giving talks, community lunch, an hour of study of Mission of the Redeemer or Acts of the Apostles, chores, personal prayer and study time in the afternoon, community dinner and some kind of community activity most evenings. Thursdays are our outreach days when we all split into teams and are sent out to various ministries.  Our family has been blessed to go to a nursing home in the morning to pray the rosary and participate in a Communion Service lead by Mr. Frank.  After talking and praying with the residents there, we then head to our weekly home visit, Mr. Chris.  He is a retired merchant marine who lives alone and has welcomed us warmly into his home. He especially enjoys interacting with Theresa.  Thursday afternoons we have been visiting a local trailer park, going door to door trying to get to know the people, offering to pray with them, and organizing a block party for them.  Thursday nights and Sundays are free for family time.  Saturdays we either do projects around Big Woods and Our Lady of the Bayou, or we do work projects for others in town.  Sunday nights we help our friends, John-Paul and Sheila, with their youth group.  Our schedule is full and very blessed.

IMG_4672Magdalena being a missionary at the nursing home

IMG_4708Theresa and Mara playing at Youth Group

IMG_4748Sharing about God’s love at the Block Party for the trailer park

IMG_4711Community time after Praise and Worship

IMG_4763Children’s Ministry during the Proclaim Conference

IMG_4780Making Chinese dumplings for China Night

IMG_4791Celebrating Sacraments – Philip Weiss is the newest member of our community and the family of God!


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