My Baby’s Turning One Today

I can hardly believe it.  In fact, it took me walking through the grocery store and picking up a #1 candle for it to truly hit me…MY baby girl is a year old…is this real life?


It’s already been a whole year since our sweet little Theresa Marie came into this world…at 11:55pm in fact. Our Resa has been a total JOY from day one, and we can’t believe how blessed we are.  Here are a few little facts/thoughts about our big little girl…

  • Before she was born, we teased that if she was early, we’d know she would take after her dad, and if she came late, well…she’d already be following in her mommy’s ever tardy footsteps. Well, she did come early…4 days early, and there is no denying that this little girl looks just like her daddy…just in a very feminine way!
  • Resa is very good tempered and has a smile for everyone…and recently sometimes a scowling eye brow just cause she likes trying it out! She truly is our Happy Girl.


  • She is a good sleeper and has been from the start, sleeping 4 hour blocks from the night she was born and quickly transitioning to sleeping through the night…thank you, Jesus! She still takes two, or very often three, naps in the day which we will hold onto as long as we can!
  • Theresa’s first word was “Dada”…then about a month later she worked out a “Mama”…saying Daddy in all different forms is still her favorite along with “Oh no!” and “No, no, no, no…”, every once in a while she says “baby” and lately she’s learned to say an enthusiastic high pitched “Hi!” accompanied by a vigorous wave of the whole arm.
  • She has 6 teeth and 2 more molars that have been tormenting her for months…one of them finally started to cut through this week.
  • Theresa has very good eyesight…this we are confident of because she can spot a speck of dirt on the floor from across the room, and she will go for it…of course immediately putting it in her mouth to try it out!


  • She is really aggressive, mostly out of excitement, and has been known to bite, head butt, pinch and pull hair.  We’re working on that…she got a baby doll for Christmas so she can practice being gentle and sweet before the new baby comes…we still have some work to do.


  • She has a strange fixation with picking tiny pieces of fuzz off of her clothes, other people’s clothes, blankets, burp rags, carpet or any other thing she can get her hands on…and once she gets it, it goes directly in her mouth, of course!
  • It took her a while to figure out the whole crawling thing.  She worked on her army crawl for several months before she finally decided it was more efficient to keep her belly off the floor around Christmas.  She started pulling herself up on things at 9 months and has taken a couple steps, but she still prefers the crawling, which we are ok with!
  • Theresa is a people person, which works out well since we live in a community with 50 other people and have hundreds of other people at the camp on a weekly basis. She is completely happy to be passed around to familiar or new faces.  She gets energized by being in a crowd of people…how did that happen with 2 introverts like her parents?


  • She is a great little missionary and a terrific traveler. She’s way tougher than her mama!
  • Theresa has just started hugging with both arms around the neck and sometimes even gives you a few little pats on the neck….it’s delightful!
  • She likes to play games, pointing and laughing from across the room if you catch her eye.

Well, there are so many things we have learned, and are learning, about our sweet little girl.  She keeps us laughing and we are so thankful for the GIFT that she is to our lives.  God is so good, and we don’t deserve it.


Birth Day – February 6, 2012 at 11:55pm


One month


Two Months


Three Months


Four Months


Five Months


Six Months


Seven Months


Eight Months


Nine Months


Ten Months


Eleven Months


One Year Old


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One Response to “My Baby’s Turning One Today”

  1. God knows the kind of work you are doing for him that is why he gave you a wonderful baby Theresa.

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