Living at a Life Teen Summer Camp and Retreat Center I am often blessed with the opportunity to share my story with the people who come through camp.  I am finding that especially now that we have a baby, people want to hear how Erik and I met, how we became missionaries and whether we plan on being missionaries now that we have a little one in the picture. The answer to that is a resounding YES, and I am always happy to recount the story of how God called me to be His missionary, to trust fully in Him, waiting for His best for me until His perfect timing in bringing Erik into my life.  I never get tired of sharing it because each time I am reminded again of the Lord’s FAITHFULNESS to me and to Erik.  Our God is a God who keeps His promises.  He is a God who LOVES more deeply than we could ever imagine.  His plans are so BEYOND our plans, and He DELIGHTS in blessing us.

A few weeks ago as I was sharing our story again, I was filled with gratitude to the Lord, not only for His faithfulness to me, but to so many of my missionary brothers and sisters who have seen the Lord’s faithfulness in their lives too.  A few years ago as a single missionary with Family Missions Company, I found myself surrounded by many single missionaries and very few families.  We all felt called to the vocation of missions and the Vocation of marriage, but were still waiting on and trusting in the Lord. At times it felt a little hopeless, and we all had our temptations to settle for less than God’s best for us.

In May we went to Louisiana for the Baptism of our Goddaughter, Mara Rose, and were able to connect with many of our FMC family.  It was amazing to look around the room at so many of my missionary brothers and sisters who are now living in the fulfilled promises of the Lord; married to other missionaries and having beautiful babies.  Our God is so Faithful!


Our sign of God’s faithfulness: Theresa Martin, Mara Papuzynski, Edmond Weiss and Isaac Granger


~ by martinsonmission on August 17, 2012.

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