Standing in the Gap

This morning during our community morning prayer we each shared at least one “Glory Story” of how we have seen the Lord working in this mission. As I reflected on my time here, I was truly humbled by the way that people are willing to trust and confide in us as soon as they meet us, because we come in the name of the Lord.

Saturday we held a medical mission in the village where we have been building a schoolroom. The people started gathering early in preparation for the missionaries, doctors and nurses to arrive. We sang songs, shared a message of hope with them, and then split into teams. There were several stations for the patients to go through…first getting their vitals checked, then seeing the doctor, receiving medicine, going to a prayer team to be prayed with, and finally choosing an article of clothing from a room full of donated clothes.

The missionaries were split into 3 prayer teams, counseling and praying with people from 10am until 5pm with just a short break for lunch. People came to us with a variety of problems and prayer requests. Some were Muslim, some were Jehovah’s Witnesses, most were Christians and some were not practicing any faith at all. Yet, they came to us eager for a word of hope and trusting that God would hear our prayers.

I was especially touched by the humility of a few of the people who came to us for prayer. One man sadly shared that his wife had deserted him several years ago and that he had turned to drinking to ease the pain. He asked us to pray for him because he wanted to stop drinking. The man had tears in his eyes as we finished our prayer, thanking us as he left.

Another young woman came to us for prayer sharing another tragic story. She is only 20 years old, and has 2 small children with a man that will not marry her. She used to love him, but it has faded as he becomes more and more abusive. Her family lives in another region of Ghana and even if she moved back to them, they would not be able to support her and her children. She had stopped going to church, but desired to have a relationship with the Lord again. We were able to encourage her and pray with her, begging the Lord for a miracle in her life and the life of the man that she lives with.

I was humbled by their honesty and openness. I continue to beg the Lord to move mightily in their lives. I am grateful for the chance to stand in the gap and pray on their behalf.

Our God is a God who saves. Our God sets prisoners free. Our God answers prayers.



~ by martinsonmission on July 25, 2012.

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