Ghana Mission June 2011

This June we led a group of 6 college students to Ghana, Africa for 3 weeks, including my sister, Stephanie. The majority of our time there was spent in the South working with Paul and Bernice Otoo, a local couple who have dedicated their lives to full time missionary evangelism. They, and their three beautiful children, opened their home to our group and a group of Ghanian college students for the three week mission outreach in their community and a nearby village. We were able to build two mud huts for people in need and hosted Life Teen Life Nights at the local parish as well as many daily home visits to people in the neighborhood. It was a beautiful experience and the Spirit was moving.

One of the highlights of the trip for Erik and I was a 2 days trip up to the north of Ghana to check out the water wells that were being built in 18 villages. Last year Life Teen had a Global Life Night called “Thirst for Change” asking teens to bring in their spare change to help raise money for water wells in northern Ghana. The response was so great that instead of the original 4 wells that they hoped to drill, they had enough for 18, providing water for over 5,000 people. Erik and I were so blessed to go as representatives of Life Teen to speak with the people of the villages who would benefit from the gift of these teens. We were received with so much enthusiasm and gratitude…as well as lots of dancing and drums! Upon arriving they us asked to share a message of solidarity with the villagers who had gathered to give thanks and share with us the impact these wells would have on their communities. This opened the door for us to share about our heavenly Father who created us and makes us all brothers and sisters in His Son, Jesus Christ. It was a beautiful opportunity to share the Good News of Jesus with these people who are thirsting for so much more than just clean water.

Here’s a video of some of the ways the God used us in Ghana.


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