The Gift of Ghana


Each day we packed into the van and drove about 30 minutes away to a village that felt like it was in the middle of nowhere. The people, though not so far from town, were materially poor, wearing clothes that were tattered and worn, and barely had enough food from the meager crops they planted to survive.  But we quickly realized how RICH they were in Joy and Hospitality. They were always laughing and welcomed us with big smiles and an openness that I have never seen before.

We were blessed to be able to help two families by building two simple mud huts.  One of the homes was for a man named Innocent.  He was the father of 13.  He was such a joy to work with each day as he tirelessly made the mud that would fill the walls of his family’s home.

The second hut was for a man named Emmanuel whose leg had been amputated below the knee.  He had 6 children who were grown, and most of them had moved away from the village.  As we talked to him about the Lord blessing him with this new home, and that he now needed to share that blessing and be a blessing to others, he told us he understood well what that meant.

Emmanuel shared with us that he had been offered a wheel chair from the hospital a while back.  It was a great blessing for him, but he decided to give it to another man in the village who had no legs, because he knew it would be more of a blessing to that man and he could manage on crutches.  His generosity and humility was humbling.

What a gift to learn from this beautiful man whom we had been sent to serve!

Making mud with Laura and Innocent!

Carrying mud like the Ghanians!

Making mud bricks and building the mud hut

These little guys worked hard making bricks and handing them to us!

The three room mud hut for Innocent and his family.

Our little helpers!

Craziness at the second work project!

Emmanuel splitting bamboo for the walls of his house

The ladies helping get the nails ready for the roof

The kids brought Matt and Lizzie to the water hole…they lost about half the water on the walk back while the kids didn’t spill a drop!

The boys washing up!


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