The Gift of Ghana


One night we had an evangelization outreach in the village, and as the people gathered for the event, we sang praise songs together.  After a few of our own songs, one of the women stood up and asked if they could sing some of their songs because they were having trouble getting the beat of ours.  We happily handed over the drums to some little boys, and a couple women took over leading the songs. In a matter of seconds the entire group was on their feet dancing…dancing like I’ve never seen before!  As I looked around at the group laughing, praising the Lord and dancing with a joy that came from deep within, I was overwhelmed and filled with that same joy from the Lord.  It hit me in that moment that I was in AFRICA!  How good the Lord is!  And how He answers the desires of our hearts!

Singing “Yes Lord!” with the kids!

Victoria was the dancing queen!  She had to be in her 90’s at least!

Dancing lessons!

THE MEDICAL MISSION – The team and some doctors and nurses who joined us for the day of the medical mission in the village. We gave out clothes, offered medical care, and most importantly, offered prayer teams for anyone who wanted.

Prayer Teams at the Medical Mission

Waiting in line for a piece of candy which they call “Toffee”!

Praying over Rosemary for her test the next day

The Little Flowers Preschool is run out of the front porch of Paul and Bernice’s home to help underprivileged children get caught up and prepared to enter into the school system. It was a joy to always have tons of little ones around.  They would send us off to the village each day with hugs and laughter and be there to greet us as we pulled back up to the house each afternoon.


Miss Mary Mack with Sheila!

Most afternoons we had the opportunity to walk through the neighborhood to visit with people and pray with them.  Many of the children from the Little Flowers Preschool would come with us.

Praying together after a neighborhood soccer game – Ghana vs. USA

One morning we split into two groups and spoke at two different school.  We shared a Bible story, sang and prayed with them.

We visited the children’s ward of the hospital to cheer the kids and their parents up.  We talked,  sang and prayed with them, as well as sharing some food.

Praying with the school children in the village

We had the opportunity to go visit many of the families in the village and pray with them.  This man was my favorite!  His name is Francis and he was the father of 8.  He spent most of his days sitting here under the trees at his hut and thanking God for the good life God had blessed him with.

The guys praying over a man in the village

Singing with kids on the street in the neighborhood


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