Highlights from the last month of craziness in Cordoba!

Six new missionaries joined us in Spain for the last month, and while I would love to share all the details of our extremely busy and blessed life,  I will attempt to show you the highlights with pictures of the insanity and fun!

First Things First…The Introductions:

The Girls:

Teresa Reardon (1st Year), Erika Olson (1st Year), Sarah-Kate Rabalais (Missions Coordinator)

The Guys:

James Franke (1st Year), John-Paul Papuzynski (2nd Year), Jonathan Weiss (2nd Year)

The Original Four:

Maria Moran, Sheila Agresta, ME, Kristen Istre

The whole team kissing the ground – embracing the land and people the Lord has sent us to share the Gospel with.


Speaking in the Seminary

Lord’s Day Meal in our apartment with the priests

Singing with Oracionizate

Visiting the nursing home and singing during the Mass

Hanging out with our Accion Catolica group at our friend’s camp

Dinner in our apartment for our friends – 45 people came

Dancing Sevillana

Fitting 35 people in the kitchen

TV Interview for the Diocese of Cordoba

Singing on the Street

Leading a retreat at the Youth House on Masculinity and Femininity

Speaking for Manos Unidos to help collect money for mission projects all over the world – we split up and were in 4 different pueblos – Maria, Sarah-Kate and I were sent to Villanueva de Cordoba to speak in high school and grade school classes, at Masses, the nursing home, a prayer meeting, the TV and the Radio

Speaking in ETEA University Class

Festival of Praise and Eucharistic Adoration in Villanueva de Cordoba

Hanging out at Paz’s Camp

Talking to the Confirmation Group in Alcolea

Alvero and Juana came to have lunch at our apartment

Luis and Maria Jose’s house for dinner – they taught the new missionaries Spanish 3 days a week for the past month

I hope this gives you an idea of what we have been up to! It would be impossible to share all that we have experienced and all that the Lord has done in our time with 10 missionaries living in community and serving together.  God has been so present and has truly been the Joy of our hearts!


~ by martinsonmission on February 28, 2010.

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