Street Evangelization in Alcala de Henares

Halloween weekend we were invited to participate in street evangelization in a city of Alcala, an hour outside of Madrid.  The outreach was called “Holywins”, planned on Halloween night as an alternative for the young people of Alcala.  Kristen and I traveled to Alcala to help, not knowing who we would be working with or what the ministry would consist of. We were welcomed by some amazing people who quickly became friends. As the group gathered to pray together and began introducing themselves, we were overwhelmed by the diversity of the group.  In a group of 40 people, 20 of us were foreigners coming from 13 different countries.

How BEAUTIFUL is the Body of Christ!

The Holywins Outreach consisted of a free Christian Concert in the plaza outside of the Cathedral with Eucharist Adoration simultaneously  in a small chapel inside the Cathedral.  After the concert ended the people were invited to enter the Cathedral for an hour of Eucharistic Adoration with music, reflections, testimonies and a Eucharistic procession.  Several of us were sent out into the streets to invite the people to come, while others were in the chapel leading music and prayer during the adoration. Another team of people were asked to pray and intercede for the fruits of the evening.

The response was amazing.  There was a constant crowd of people at the concert and a steady stream of people entering the adoration chapel to pray…even zombies, vampires and dead people!  When the concert ended and the Eucharist was moved to the main altar of the cathedral, the people continued to enter, filling the main part of the huge church and staying for over an hour and a half.

We were so blessed and encouraged by our time in Alcala and particularly by our new friends who really are our family in the Lord.


~ by martinsonmission on November 4, 2009.

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